What is Socage?

Headquartered in Vancouver, WA, USA - Socage is a GPS enabled, mobile technology platform that offers in-store savings from national brands and retailers.

Features include an indoor mapping technology that displays where products are located as a point on the map – similar to the navigation maps consumers are using today to route their way around town.

Additional features will also assist customers that are locating products during 'Weekly Flash Sales', 'Black Friday Sales', displaying specialized maps showing where deals and deal-busters will be provided.

This app also features a social media component that allows the consumer to interact with the shopping community. The consumer can personalize their social media network much like the functionality features like anyone of today’s online social websites.

The benefits to the advertiser are the ability to view direct feedback and customization of advertising to the social networks.

These, along with features like shopping lists, home appliance RFID enabled technology allows the consumer to view what is in their refrigerator and sends notification to which items need to be purchased or what items are expired; product recall notifications; food allergy alerts; type-ahead; and pay at checkout, are many of the functionalities that consumers have access to all in one app.

Advertisers can gain insight into exactly what the consumers are purchasing and sharing in their community network!

Advertisers will have direct access to preferred consumers and their buying preferences via social networking communications.

We help respond to ‘real’ consumer needs while saving consumers money!

We will have ‘first mover advantage’ with the social media & GPS concept; and will become the product of choice among consumers.